Unlocking Success: Leveraging AdTrace for Targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns on Shopify

Unlocking Success: Leveraging AdTrace for Targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns on Shopify

Kshitij Choudhary
April 30, 2024
5 min read

If you're running an e-commerce brand and utilize Facebook Ads it's crucial to track and attribute correct data back to Facebook on every step to optimize your Ad Targeting. Enter AdTrace - the game-changer in ad attribution and tracking, empowering Shopify brands to unlock unparalleled success with targeted Facebook ad campaigns.

Understanding the Challenge

One of the biggest challenges for Shopify brands is ensuring that their Facebook ad campaigns reach the right audience and drive meaningful results. Traditional pixel tracking methods often fall short, providing incomplete data and limited insights. This lack of visibility hampers the ability to optimize campaigns effectively and maximize ROI.

The Solution: AdTrace

AdTrace revolutionizes Facebook ad campaigns for Shopify brands through its innovative server-side pixel technology. Over the past 3 years we have built the architecture to deliver data back to Facebook with higher Event Match Score. By leveraging server-side tracking & CAPI, AdTrace provides comprehensive and accurate data, enabling brands to attribute conversions more effectively and gain deeper insights into campaign performance.

An essential tool for every e-commerce business and marketer! By far, it is way better than other similar apps because it offers a more in-depth analysis and the interface is easier to navigate. Our team definitely recommend it!

Georgia Bobar

Founder, Giarite

Key Features and Benefits

Our Facebook Pixel, Conversion API app is designed to empower e-commerce merchants to take their advertising efforts to the next level. By integrating Facebook Pixel, our app allows you to track visitors' interactions on your store, providing invaluable data for optimizing your ad strategy. Coupled with the Conversion API, it provides a more reliable and secure way to send web events from your server directly to Facebook, overcoming browser-based tracking limitations.

  1. Accurate Attribution: AdTrace ensures that every conversion is accurately attributed to the correct ad, regardless of device or browser, providing a clear picture of campaign effectiveness.
  2. Cross-Device Tracking: With AdTrace, Shopify brands can track customer interactions across multiple devices, allowing for a seamless and personalized advertising experience.
  3. Advanced Insights: Gain valuable insights into customer behavior, ad performance, and attribution paths, empowering data-driven decision-making and campaign optimization
  4. One-Click Facebook Pixel: Add the Facebook Pixel to your store in 1 click
  5. Conversion API: Fix browser tracking limitations with server-side event tracking
  6. Conversion Optimization: Utilize precise tracking data to optimize ad campaigns
  7. ROI Improvement: Optimize your ad spend by targeting the right customers
  8. User-Friendly: Easily set up and manage your Facebook Pixel with our dashboard

How to Leverage AdTrace for Facebook Ad Campaigns on Shopify

  1. Integration: Seamlessly integrate AdTrace with your Shopify store and Facebook ad account to start tracking conversions with ease.
  2. Custom Audience Targeting: Leverage AdTrace's detailed insights to create highly targeted custom audiences based on specific user behaviors and attributes.
  3. Optimization: Continuously monitor campaign performance and use AdTrace's insights to refine targeting, messaging, and creative elements for maximum impact.

Success Stories

Thousands of Shopify brands have already experienced the transformative power of AdTrace for their Facebook ad campaigns. From increased ROI to enhanced audience engagement, AdTrace has consistently delivered results that exceed expectations.


In the dynamic world of e-commerce advertising, precision and performance are non-negotiable. With AdTrace, Shopify brands can unlock the full potential of their Facebook ad campaigns, driving growth, and achieving unparalleled success. By leveraging advanced tracking technology and actionable insights, AdTrace empowers brands to stay ahead of the competition and thrive in the digital marketplace.

Ready to take your Facebook ad campaigns to the next level? Get started with AdTrace today and experience the difference firsthand

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