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Boost ROAS with AdTrace's TikTok Pixel integration on Shopify

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AdTrace is an all-in-one ad attribution and event analytics tool for TikTok Pixels, enhancing your Shopify experience by optimizing ad performance

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Setup Pixels In Two Steps

Just walk through our onboarding and confirm for a quick, hassle-free TikTok pixel setup.

TikTok Pixel Install
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Analyze Your TikTok Ads

Effortlessly track and analyze all your TikTok Ads data in one centralized dashboard

TikTok Campaign Analytics
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Discover Your Winning Products

Easily monitor and analyze your top-performing products with AdTrace

Product Analytics
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Track All Your Store Events

Automatically track e-commerce events and send the data back to TikTok

Product Event Analytics

Our TikTok Pixel, Conversion API app is designed to empower e-commerce merchants to take their advertising efforts to the next level.

One-Click Facebook Pixel

Add the Facebook Pixel to your store in 1 click using our beautifully designed Onboarding portal

Better Ad Attribution

Integrates ad pixels for tracking & measurement, all handled server side.

Track Events

Track website traffic, conversions, & revenue.

Enhanced Reporting

Data visualization & reporting tools to optimize campaigns.

Improve Ad performance

Make data-driven decisions with ad insights.

Full funnel overview

Automatically capture every key event, including the individual stages of your checkout process.

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It all starts with your important events

We have made it easy to integrate and track your important events in just a few minutes and start seeing them update in realtime.

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Dashboard Overview
Seamless Tool Integration

The Only Dashboard You Will Need

Powerful Integrations
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Utilize our extensive range of over 10+ integrations to overcome existing data silos, enabling seamless customer data movement across your entire technology stack.

Best Ad Attribution Platform

Transform future ad revenue with better ad targeting using pixels.

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Adtrace Integration
Best Ad Attribution

Restore confidence in the attribution data provided by platforms like Meta, Google, TikTok, and others.

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Enhanced Ad Performance & ROAS

Tracking conversions on the server side improves how well your advertising platforms can identify and target potential customers.

Track Events
Improved Event Matching Scores

Enhancing your website events with additional parameters ensures the highest possible event matching scores.

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